Do you feel like discovering new corners? Then come for a walk with us. Imagine that the sun is shining (yes, even in Hamburg!), you are strolling curious from one corner to the other and you discover yourself and your city anew:

a plurilingual choir appears dripping out of the Elba, pots of paint roll down the dyke as if driven by ghost’s hands, beheaded suits dance breakdance in the shade of Altonas houses….and everything is exactly as it should be. ( Is it really ?Or how should it actually be?)

For the Transcorner walk we take Hamburgs Streets over for a weekend and open new spaces for all what isn’t logical but still has to be said.

Over a  time of over three months, we created together with interested neighbours of Hamburg a collective lab (TRANSCORNER LAB), which has as objective, to change the Hanseatic city  into an open air collective atelier. Now is time to show the results of our work in the urban space.

You are invited to explore and interact with the results of the Lab accomplishments which will be staged for you throughout different parts of the city. During your visit, you can sing, dance or tell stories with us. We want  you to be part of this, because YOU are the city. Without you nothing happens. Without you the streets remain empty.

To allow as many interested participants to be witnessing the results of the Lab activities and also to find a way in which you are not only watching but can  interact with us, we proposed the form of a collective walk. Our Transcorner Walk starts at the Frappant, in Altona (Viktoriakaserne) and is a tour which goes through Wilhelmsburg to end in the Veddel and passing  by different performative and creative installations. There are lots of opportunities to see things and always a possibility of become a part of them. Everything is without pressure and of course free of charge!

In this first edition of Transcorner, we will work on the  topic of “intimate strangers”, an opposition between anonymity  and familiarity. In our daily life we get used to anonymity and we don¡t know many of our neighbours any more. Creativity allows us a different approach to people, free of  norms which regulate what is familiar and what is not. How can an artistic event be understood as special encounter, how is an encounter made to be a performance? With different means.

Live-Improvisation, sound installations and choreographies will be used  to answer this question.

Are you curious to see what  answers do your neighbours wil find  during the Transcorner Lab walk? Then come with us on the 27. 28. and 30. of September to Transcorner and find for yourself!